South Asia Solidarity Initiative

Mission Statement 

Please find SASI’s Points of Unity Here.

An organization based in New York City, SASI is opposed to state repression, majoritarian politics, reactionary non-state forces, dispossession of communities and oppression of people along the lines of caste, gender, class, region, race, ethnicity, sexuality and religion. We stand with those in South Asia who dissent, and we will amplify the voices of those who are silenced.

SASI engages in the US public sphere to challenge the US establishment wherever it reinforces repressive politics in South Asia. We aim to both engender a progressive dialogue and confront reactionary forces within our diasporic communities. SASI builds on decades of South Asian progressive politics of solidarity within the United States for peace and reconciliation, inter-ethnic and inter-religious co-existence as well as social and economic justice in South Asia.

We stand in solidarity with progressive movements both within and outside the US.

How We Function:

SASI is an autonomous all-volunteer political collective based in New York City, NY (US), functioning since 2008. We do not have a formal leadership structure, nor do we have a board. The Organizing Collective (OC) is the primary structure responsible for the decisions that are made regarding SASI’s activities, statements, and campaigns.

The OC aims to hold tri-weekly general meetings, which serve several key functions. The meetings are where the coordination and implementation of SASI’s activities are discussed and planned. The general meetings are also forums for political discussion, open to anyone interested in SASI. The meetings are run by two OC members, who all share facilitating duties in a rotational and alternating process.

Anyone who attends three consecutive SASI general meetings, is eligible to join the OC (if they wish). However, the decision to invite someone to join the OC must be approved at a SASI general meeting. You do not have to be part of the OC to attend general meetings (unless stated otherwise).


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